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PVAMU High School Stock Challenge Rules

High School Stock Challenge 2020

  1. Eligibility – This competition is open to high school teams in greater Houston area. Each team should consist of 3-4 students (10th to 12th grades). A faculty advisor per high school is needed as well for teams to compete in the competition. The faculty advisor can be school teacher or counselor. There is a limit of 6 teams per high school.
  2. Requirements – The Contest is conducted 100% online at PVAMU virtual trading platform ( which is web-based trading program and accessible by phone and tablet. Each participated student should complete the Parent Permission Form and submit to the faculty advisor. Then faculty advisor can scan the completed form and email to the organizer, Dr. Yi Zhang (
  3. Registration Period–The registration starts on November 18 , 2019 (Monday) and ends on January 24, 2020 (Friday). The Prairie View A&M University reserves the right to limit or turn off registrations as it deems necessary. The faculty advisor needs to register the team and input team member information on the competition website. All fields on the registration page must be submitted. Once the advisor registers and creates the account for the team, then team members can use the information to log in the account to make investments. Advisor should not be involved in the investment decisions.
  4. Trading Period– The trading period is 10 weeks which starts from January 27, 2020 and ends on April 3, 2020 at market closing 3pm Central Time.
  5. Prizes – Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 teams. The ranking of the teams is based on portfolio return measured by the change in value since the initial date. Only eligible teams that follow all the rules, including trading only one account and completing at least 5 trades, will be eligible for prizes. Eligible teams with the top three portfolio returns at market close on April 3, 2020, will receive $1,000, $800 and $500 respectively. Also each student in the winning team will receive a certificate and the team will receive a trophy. Participated teams will be invited to the Young Investor Symposium in conjunction with Award Ceremony in April 2020 and prizes and certificates will be awarded at the Award Ceremony. (All students participated in the competition will receive a certificate of participation after the competition ends.)
  6. Initial Amount available for trading– $500,000 virtual dollars
  7. Eligible Securities– U.S. Exchanges traded Stocks and ETFs with minimum price of $3.
  8. Commissions– Each trade will incur a broker commission fee of $10 which will be subtracted from the participant’s virtual cash balance.
  9. Interest– You will earn interest (1% annually) on positive cash balances in your account and interest (5%) will be charged to your account on margin loans.
  10. Buying on Margin: No (The maximum amount you can invest is $500,000)
  11. Short Sales: Yes (You can sell security which you don’t own and then buy back to cover your position)
  12. Day Trading: No (Cannot buy and sell the same security on the same day.)
  13. Maximum Position Limit for each Trade: 20% ($100,000) – You can invest a maximum of 20% of your portfolio value in any one stock or ETF.
  14. Minimum Number of Trades during Competition: 10
  15. Maximum Number of Trades during Competition: 300
  16. Last day to start trading: March 2 – to qualify for the prize, team should start trading no later than March 2.

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