Wharton Global High School Investment Competition

About the Competition

The Wharton Global High School Investment Competition is a free, experimental investment challenge for high school students (9th to 12th grade) and teachers. Students work in teams of four to seven, guided by a teacher as their advisor, and have access to an online stock market simulator. Together, they learn about strategy-building, teamwork, communication, risk, diversification, company and industry analysis, and many other aspects of investing.

About Our Programs

The Wharton Global Youth Program mobilizes the extensive opportunities of the Wharton academic community to educate and inspire pre-collegiate students to explore business practices, analyze the world’s complex challenges, and take the first steps in becoming leaders who will transform the global economy. We offer both credit and non-credit programs year-round, where students get the chance to engage with our rigorous business education while studying and networking with global peers.