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Join the EBCI Financial Literacy Program

This program includes a budgeting game, stock trading simulation and personal finance lessons (which includes supplemental content and assessments for your students). PersonalFinanceLab uses innovative technology and gamification to help teach topics such as budgeting, saving, investing and debt/credit management. This fun and interactive program is used by thousands of high schools and universities each year to provide real-world experiential learning in the classroom.  

How to Register

The EBCI has partnered with Personal Finance Lab to drive financial literacy for our members. You will have the ability to register for a variety of online self-paced courses that will help you achieve control of your finances. When you click on the register button below you can select from the following courses.

The courses you can select from include:

Personal Finance Basics: gets you on the path to understanding budgeting and savings.

Personal Finance Beginner: increases your understanding of spending strategies/credit cards/insurance/stocks and more.

Personal Finance Intermediate: continues your growth in budgeting with topics on spending shock/credit scores/car and home purchases/home budgeting/income tax.

Personal Finance Advanced: pulls topics from the first 3 courses and expands to include credit management/investments/simulated stock purchases/student loans/interest rates and inflation/family planning.

Home Purchases Course: increase your knowledge of contracts, home-owners insurance and household expense budgeting. Completion required upon approval of housing application..

Investments Course: to help you expand your knowledge of money management and grow your net worth.

Personal Budgeting Game

Students take on the role of a young adult with their first job and manage a budget. Rent, car loan, utilities, groceries and many unexpected expenses challenge them to stay on budget. Students learn to manage cash and credit cards.

Stock Market Game

Real-time stock game, with live streaming portfolios and class rankings, instant order execution, integrated research and reporting. Quotes, charts, news and analyst ratings help students research and learn to invest.

Integrated Curriculum With Built-In Assessments

Teaching a class on Personal Finance, Economics, Business, Accounting and Investing? We’ve got integrated curriculum that meets National Standards that can be blended in to our games.