Infographic Contest

Students can apply what they have learned in the Stock Market Program by creating an illustration that demonstrates their understanding of topics related to experience of managing a stock portfolio.  The infographic competition is part of the Indiana Stock Market Program. Students are able to integrate skills using digital tools, art, and graphic design along with analytical and writing skills.  Prizes are awarded to the winning teams in the high school, middle school, and elementary school divisions.

An infographic is a visual representation designed to help communicate information – for more ideas or methods, go to and type in the word, “Infographic.” Then select the google images tab. This will show you a wide variety of infographics.  This is a great opportunity to get art, marketing or other teachers from your school involved in the Stock Market Program.

Infographic submissions are due on December, 10 2021.

How to Create an Infographic

  1. Components of the infographic must be submitted as a pdf but can be created in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint (Blank Template) or other commonly available software programs.  In addition, teachers have found the website and app helpful for creating infographics. PLEASE NOTE: There are apps or other programs online specifically designed to help create an infographic.  We do NOT require nor expect that students use these programs.  Many of these infographic programs, while “free” to access, require payment or a subscription to download the final product. If other infographic programs are used, make sure that infographic can be turned into a pdf and blown up to correct size requirements. (See below)
  2. Make sure that infographics are submitted in a format that has sharp images and lettering (high resolution). ICEE will print infographics on a 24”X 36” poster and display them at the awards program. Make sure that infographics can be enlarge posters to 24”x36”.  Screenshots do not work. We ENCOURAGE students to take creative approaches and tailor graphics, colors, and arrangement to their own artistic style.
  3. The analysis will be formatted in as a pdf file and submitted electronically by e-mail to Jeff Sanson. If a file is large, we recommend using a cloud file storage program to upload the file and then send us the link to download.  Contact Jeff for more information or questions.


Develop and infographic using one of the following topics. Your infographic should be educational, interesting, and accurate. Submissions should show critical thinking and explain what was learned. Use a combination of text and visuals to depict your response.

Economic Current Event Factors

  • Identify at least three current events that may have influenced the prices of individual stocks, bonds or mutual funds in your portfolio. Be sure to explain why and how they influenced the investment(s).

Investment Strategy Analysis

  • Explain your strategy for managing investments. What criteria did you use to evaluate your investments? What influenced your decision to buy, hold or sell?

Index Comparison

  • Compare your portfolio to that of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500, or other stock indices (Russell, Wilshire, Value Line, etc.)
  • Explain why the index differs from your portfolio.
  • Explain why an index is helpful for investors.

Bonds or Mutual Funds and Their Performance

  • If your portfolio included bonds and/or mutual funds, compare their performance to stocks.
  • Explain the advantages of purchasing bonds and or mutual funds.

Alternate Investments.

  • Besides purchasing stock, illustrate other types of investments.
  • Explain scenarios when various investments should be used.
  • Investments can include, but are not limited to, bonds, mutual funds, stocks, real estate, commodities, other.

Investments Within an Industry/History of Success or Failure

  • Showcase an industry that you took stock in. Explain why it was good or bad to invest in it.
  • Show how that industry has changed over time.


Each of the Investment Portfolio Analyses that we receive will be graded by judges using the following criteria:

  • Creative use of graphics and visual appeal 35%
  • Analysis Content (Facts, figures, reasoning etc.) 30%
  • Easy to understand and interpret 25%
  • Grammar, spelling, etc. 10%

Below is an example of a good infographic completed by Manchester Jr. High School students.