Student’s Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

About Stock-Trak

[For Individual Investors] How do I cancel my account and stop payments?
Does Stock-Trak Account For Dividends & Splits?
How are Alpha/Beta rankings calculated?
I received the following message when I tried to register : “There is no Active Tournaments with this Class Name”. What do I do?
What are Trading Notes?
What types of securities can I purchase?

My Account

How can I change my username?
How can I change or reset my password?

My Portfolio

Can I place orders when the market is closed?
How can I cancel an order?
How do I dispute a trade?
How do I start making trades?
How do I trade on margin or take out a loan?
I am getting the message “order total $x.xx + open position total $x.xx must not exceed maximum position size $x.xx” when trying to make a trade. What does this mean?
I bought XXX amount of shares, but I got YYY amount of shares. Why?
I have accidentally placed a trade, can you fix it for me?
I placed an order, but I can’t find it in my open positions. Why not?
I want historical data on my portfolio where do I go?
I want to trade on foreign markets.
In my open positions, I have a stock that says last price $0 and my values are incorrect, should I let you know?
Limits/Stops/Trailing orders – Why it did not execute?
Stock ABC had a symbol change. When will my portfolio reflect this?
Stock ABC shares split. When will my portfolio reflect this?
The ABC Stock is only $1.00, but your site has it listed at $10.00. What gives?
The price paid is different from the preview price. Why?
What is “System Cancelled” in Order History?
Where can I see all my open positions?
Where can I see how many trades I have left?
Why are the trades that I have placed remaining open?
Why can’t I place an order?

Basics Of The Stock Market

How does one decide which stock to buy or sell?
What are “Restricted Funds” that I see in my account?
What does it mean to “Long” or “Short” a stock or the stock market?
What is a “Bid/Ask”?
What is a “Limit Order”?
What is a “Market Order”?
What is a “Mutual Fund”?
What is a “Stock”?
What is a “Stop Order”?
What is an “Open Order”?
What is day trading? Am I allowed to day trade?
What time is the US market open?

Trading Rules

How is the brokerage commission determined?
What are the trading hours and at what prices are trades executed at?
What counts as a trade?
What is my initial cash balance?

Security Type Questions

Not all challenges allow all security types. Check your Portfolio Summary page to review what is allowed in your current challenge.


Can I short stocks?
Can I trade halted, restricted and blocked stocks?
Can I trade stocks on markets outside of North America?
Where can I look up security symbols for stocks?

Mutual Funds

Can I short mutual funds?
I found a mutual fund that does not end in X or ends in XX?
I placed an order on some Mutual Funds but I want to cancel it. Can I do that?
I see I have 11.87 as a quantity. Is this normal?
My mutual fund order says I have 0 quantity. Why?
My Mutual Fund orders are not going through. Why?


How do I exercise options?
How do I write an option?
My option orders are not filling. Why?


How did I lose so much on futures?
The US market is open, why is my futures order not executing?
Where can I find more information about my futures contracts?
Why can’t I short future options?

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